Call for Papers — Understanding Foreign Policy: The Interplay Between Domestic and International Politics

Workshop at the Dutch/Flemish ‘Politicologenetmaal’ — 24-hour Political Science Conference. June 13-14, 2019, Universiteit Antwerpen.

Conveners: Tim Haesebrouck (Universiteit Gent) and Hilde van Meegdenburg (Universiteit Leiden).

Although US Senator Vandenberg’s 1947 assertion that “politics stops at the water’s edge” is a popular quote among International Relations (IR) scholars, research into actual international relations often includes domestic-level explanations. In fact, domestic factors were constitutive to the sub-field of Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA), are prominent in liberal and constructivist theories, and even realist scholars are increasingly incorporating domestic-level explanations. Over the past two decades, research exploring the role of domestic institutions, societal norms, party positions, public opinion, civil society and the media has illustrated the value of taking domestic factors into account. This ‘domestic-turn’, however, comes with a particular challenge: How can we combine domestic and international level explanations into a sophisticated, integrated framework that captures the complex interplay between the two levels?

In this workshop, we invite papers that further our understanding of this interplay. We aim to bring together scholars with diverse substantive backgrounds that share the aim of studying foreign policy as shaped by both domestic and international factors. We welcome both theoretical and empirical contributions from scholars at all academic career stages. Rather than focusing on individual conditions, papers are encouraged to combine domestic and international factors or to think through how these could be combined most fruitfully.

The workshop is open to all methodological and ontological approaches but innovative and multi-method papers are strongly encouraged. To that end, we also welcome papers that draw on frameworks and approaches beyond the traditional IR-theories, integrating concepts and theories from adjacent fields (from public policy to psychology and sociology). The working language of this workshop is English. The workshop is part of the NKWP/VPW jointly organized ‘politicologenetmaal‘ held June 13 – 14, 2019, at the Universiteit Antwerpen (Belgium). Call for papers: PDF.

The deadline for paper proposals is March 15, 2019. Proposals should include an abstract (max. 250 words), name, affiliation and contact e-mail. Abstracts can be send to: h.van.meegdenburg[@]