I offered courses on International Relations, Security Studies, Global Governance and Case Study methods – in particular Process Tracing – at the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, the Technical University Munich and the ECPR Summer and Winter Schools for Methods and Techniques.

For workshops, courses and my work on Process Tracing, see here.

I am currently employed, and thus teaching, at Leiden University. Below you can find an overview of my past and upcoming teaching.

Academic year 2019/2020

Leiden University

Block I maternity leave
Block II parental leave
Block III parental leave
Block IV Lecture: Analyse van de internationale politiek (in Dutch, see here)

Academic year 2018/2019

Leiden University

Block II Advanced qualitative methods: Case studies and causal inference (in English, offered at the MIRD)
Block III Elective: Non-state actors in international security governance (in English, see here)
Block III & IV Master thesis seminar: International institutions and security governance (in English, see here)
Block IV Lecture: Analyse van de internationale politiek (in Dutch, see here)

Academic year 2017/2018

LMU and TU Munich

Summer semester Hauptseminar: Political psychology and emotions in IR (in English, LMU)
Elective: Außenpolitik: Kooperation und Konflikt (in German, TU)
Winter semester Process tracing: Drawing inferences from case studies (in English, LMU)
Advanced qualitative methods (in English, TU)

Academic year 2016/2017

LMU Munich

Summer semester International institutions and institutionalisms (in English)
Hauptseminar: International security studies (in English)
Winter semester Contemporary debates on global governance (in English)
Process Tracing: Drawing inferences from case studies (in English)

Academic year 2015/2016

LMU Munich

Summer semester Grundkurs: Introduction to international relations (in English)
Wissenschaftliches arbeiten: Introduction to political scientific research (in English)
Winter semester Elective: International security studies (in English)
Elective: Private Military and Security Contractors (PMSCs) in international relations (in English)