MethodsNET Summer School in Social Research Methods

I am happy to announce I will be part of MethodsNet ‘s first Summer School in Social Research Methods! In June, in person, in Nijmegen. I teach “Introduction to Process Tracing“, a course designed for those interested in qualitative case studies and studying “causal mechanisms”.

Over the course of five days we will discuss what causal mechanisms are, how they advance our understanding of (social) phenomena, what it means to study them, and what conclusions can be drawn on the basis of a PT. The course takes a ‘hands-on’ approach and encourages participants to apply theoretical insights to their own research projects. It provides all the basic skills to set-up and follow through an independent PT-study.

Venue: Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Regular course fee: €575
Early bird fee: €518 or €431
Application deadline: 1 May 2022
Course dates: 20-24 June 2022
More information and registration: here!

*Pro-tip*–combines well (very well) with @Beach_MethodMan ‘s course “Process Tracing Methods in Practice” offered in the 2nd week, June 27 – July 1.